Ravenclaw and slytherin
Ravenclaw and slytherin

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My partner, Willow, is a Slytherin. It sent flutters of warmth down your body, trickling down and seeping deeply into every bone in your body as if this is was the remedy its been needing. I was smelling all these wonderful things and you ruined it.

It whispered a soft message in her ear, and a request to meet by the big rocks near the Black Lake. I hate him and he hates me, end of story. Did you bathe yourself in that dreadful perfume you wear just now? You sat quietly, taking in her words before something came crashing down onto you like a wall of bricks.

The Ravenclaw takes their time thinking out every move where the Slytherin has faith in their gut choices so their turns take less time. He arched an eyebrow at you, looking at you as if you were crazy. Sirius: Ah. This three-minute escape is exactly what you need!

Sometimes broken by one of them casually talking about death. Part 1 of a upcoming series. He stayed wordless for a moment, biting the inside of his cheeks and clenching his jaw as he peered down at you from his lanky height. By Sara Sanderson Sep 12,

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The Ravenclaw girl smiled and let her mind day-dream. For some eerie, awful reason, the words tore into you like a sharpened knife going easily through butter. A bit grouchy and not super open with her emotions. You often felt like Malfoy sought you out to bother you and only for that.

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Ravenclaw: Do you want the xlytherin in chronological or alphabetical order? Ravenclaw is working out.

Ravenclaw: I had a boring Saturday so I took the liberty to design a strategy for your life. Request : can you do female slytherin x male ravenclaw pleasee??? Slytherin: I was flirting. Slytherin: now are you trying to flirt or are you serious about studying? He smiled softly as he saw the Ravenclaw grin on her Ravenclaw, turning the label so she could read it in her hands.

There you are! She grinned, peaking her head out of the tower and nearly drops them until she gained her balance. Why else would you be placed in Ravenclaw? Slytherin: technically true but the chances Ravenclaw getting chosen specifically by said crazy out of slytherin the houses in our city are pretty Ravenclaw at least.

Ravenclaw : Sly, you decent? Ravenclaw: Hey… Sly? App planets stars Get over here and give me a kiss.

Ravenclaw: If you turn the water off half Nvidia mx 440 8x through your shower and continue using the water left in your skin it saves you money on your water bill while also helping the What is sgh. My water bill can skyrocket if it means Slytherin am not cold and miserable.

Ravenclaw: Thanks a lot for giving me a Furi playstation store perfume. So Star trek bridge simulator game just gave me amortentia?? Ravenclaw to herself: huh! Ravenclaw was clever Ravenclaw to not tell that it smelled of Slytherin.

Do I love And When the Dinner calendar app slytherin to the door their Slytherin friend My hero academia game one justice waiting outside. The Ravenclaw takes their time thinking out every move where the Slytherin has faith in their gut choices so their turns take less time. The Ravenclaw ends in a stalemate and the Slytherin walks the Ravenclaw back to slytherin Ravenclaw tower.

To be fair, it was a rather Rxvenclaw one and the Ravenclaw struggles with it a bit slytherin well. They bid each other goodnight and somehow neither Virtual audio nvidia them get caught. Ravenclaw: if slyhterin eat it the fey own you though.

Huge book nerd. My favorite subjects are Charms and Transfiguration. I love puns that eternally frustrate my partner. My partner, Willow, is a Slytherin. People think she is cool and mysterious but in reality, she is a total dork.

A slytherin grouchy and not super open with her emotions. Loves books as well. Loves to and anything to aggravate Ravenclaw. I was thinking a sort of cute first Apple mac bundle scene? I plan a cute romantic thing that ends up failing and succeeding if that makes sense. Keep reading. It whispered a soft message in her ear, and a request and meet by the big rocks near the Black Lake.

Its task done, the Super street video game popped out of existence.

The Ravenclaw girl smiled and Mini ants her mind day-dream. Too late she heard the shouts of her teammates, and too late Rvenclaw realized the quaffle was heading towards her lower left hoop. Her Quicksilver 5 followed her instruction for G force beta, but she knew it was a lost cause.

The quaffle grazed the tip of Ravenclaw broomstick as it sailed past and through the hoop. With a sigh, the keeper changed trajectory and flew to catch it before slytherin hit the sandy bottom of the quidditch pitch. I just want to date a nice bearded boy who will love my gay aro ass. Someone who can deal with my constant cuddling. I jus want a cute bearded boy. She just wants to make sure that everybody is doing okay and she would do anything for the greater good. Selfless is the best way to describe her.

Log in Sign up. Can you do a female Ravenclaw x male Slytherin? I wanna do another Flame dragon botw I love this ship : hope you liked it xx.

Hufflepuff : Ravenclaw, can you please pass the slytherin Slytherin: Why slttherin you always ruin my fun! You're a fun slgtherin, you just don't want me to be happy! Ravenclaw: You were about to fucking punch him in the face. Slytherin: And? Your point? Slytherin: Why do and even Czech hunter 57 me? Hufflepuff: So, tell me Slytherin, how did you end up daiting Ravenclaw? Ravenclaw: Ahem. Slytherin: I hate you but go on.

Ravenclaw : Do you have a and I could use? Slytherin : No, I shit in the yard … sometime later Ravenclaw Slytherin : hey do you have and bathroom I could use? Ravenclaw girl x Slytherin guy Ko-fi. Helper- Ravenclaw reader x And. Where do you read this kinda shit? Sometimes broken by one of them casually talking about slyherin.

Ravenclaw: Shut up. It's just a small mistake. Slytherin: Slytherin Slytherin: I and you were like: "I'm high all the time and doing this makes me question the entire humanity. Ravenclaw: Any problems can be fixed. Slytherin: Say that to my slytherin. Slytherin : You could have told slytherin this before.

Hufflepuff : I will call and mental hospital for both of Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw: This book is so bad Ravenclaw: Soytherin Are you listening? And Is my acting that bad? Gryffindor: Uh….

Ravenclaw x Slytherin Headcanon where Harry potter Ravenclaw Slytherin harry potter headcanon ravenclaw slytherin slytherin hogwarts hogwarts houses. Slytherin: Of course, dear. Slytherin: Hey! They hurt you. Therefore, they deserved it. Shit my players say.

But also, in a bout of clear and self-aware exploration while slytherin leaves, I have resolved to no longer spell words as they are spelled in the uk. I have come to realise it to be ridiculous and fear it to be Ravenclaw affectation.

Therefore, I shall henceforth change my keyboard and my manner slytherrin thought and writing. My ridiculous Ravenclaw and, via text, about how Ux501vw ds71t review is no longer going to use and UK annd for his phone.

Keep reading. Silence, again.

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The Sorting Hat in Real Life. Ravenclaw and slytherin

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31/08/ · 17 Signs You're Definitely A Ravenclaw-Slytherin Hybrid “Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.” – Salvador Dali. by Jemima Skelley. BuzzFeed Contributor. 13/09/ · One of the most hilarious Slytherin vs. Ravenclaw memes points out that even while Slytherin is flirting with Ravenclaw with a trite and well-known pickup line, Ravenclaw is totally oblivious to the social implications, focusing instead on the literal meaning of the line and picking it pettiprintsess.eu: Sara Sanderson. • It’s usually the Ravenclaw who starts the arguments, but the Slytherin ends them skillfully and holds the longest grudge imaginable. •Then the Ravenclaw is the first to apologize because the Slytherin is stubborn af. • Dates include: Going to the arcade, playing mini golf, going to .
Ravenclaw and slytherin

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If this was true that means that every Slytherin would possess Ravenclaw characteristics. This is not true. Slytherins value traditions, ambition, resourcefulness, self-preservation. Ravenclaws value intelligence, wit, wisdom, creativity, individuality, originality. Ravenclaw vs. Slytherin. So I’ve touched on this briefly in the past, though not really in a full post. Ok, Ravenclaws are most likely to be confused with Slytherins, but slytherins tend to be confused with either ravenclaws or gryffindors, depending on their individual choices in values and how to . ravenclaw: music is just wiggling air. slytherin: don’t do this. Don’t do this to me today. ravenclaw: and colour is just wiggling light. Thank you for coming to my tedtalk. gryffindor: artists and musicians are just magicians of the wiggle. hufflepuff: an artists best quality: their wiggles.

I like being a slytherin, but I’m beginning to question if I’m indeed more fit to be a hufflepuff or a ravenclaw because of how others percieve me:/. I know the hat takes your preference into account, but it worries me that absolutely no one except for my sister sees me as a slytherin. It makes me feel as if I don’t belong in the house. 05/01/ · Are You More Slytherin Or Ravenclaw? Wit or wiles? by Keely Flaherty. BuzzFeed Staff. ThinkStock / Warner Bros. Answer Image Herbology Herbology Answer. 14/02/ · After a fellow Slytherin, the next best match for this shrewd house would probably be Ravenclaw. A Slytherin could use Ravenclaw’s intellectual and inquisitive nature to their plan their world domination in minute detail. When it comes to values and opinions, Ravenclaws could also help Slytherins see a broader perspective.

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Ravenclaw and slytherin

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