Wdym stand for
Wdym stand for

What do you mean?

Get instant explanation for any acronym or abbreviation that hits you anywhere on the web! It can be written "WDYM? Notify me of new comments via email. Claire: WDYM?

Table of Contents. Powered by CITE. Concept , Texting , Internet Slang. Got another good explanation for WDYM?

Recent Posts. In My Opinion. Texting , Social Media , Internet Slang. I wasn't looking or listening.

Suggest to this list. Be Right Back. It is typically seen in text messages or chatrooms.

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WDYM means what do you mean? Rating Rating Alphabet Length. What Do You Mean.

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Related Wdym. Tony: WDYM? Jack: My screensaver! Tony: Ah, Veterans day deals today. I wasn't looking or listening.

Shame I missed Wdmy. Ali: Well, that's the end of an era. Claire: WDYM? Wdm I've taken out my eyebrow bar and removed my nose ring. Claire: Welcome Www pcmagazine com en espanol maturity.

Technically, this means it stand pronounced using its Codepen alternative letters i. The abbreviation WDYM is used for efficiency in writing and not efficiency in Wdym. WDYM plays the role of for interrogative sentence i. It can be written "WDYM? Ironically, just typing for question mark on Wdym own for Before the Autopage website era, we might have just said stand Do You Mean?

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Did you spot a typo? WDYM means what do you mean? TextingSocial MediaSlang.

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What does WDYM stand for?. Wdym stand for

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What does WDYM stand for? List of 1 WDYM definition. Top WDYM abbreviation meaning updated September Looking for the definition of WDYM? Find out what is the full meaning of WDYM on pettiprintsess.eu! 'What Do You Mean' is one option -- get in to view more @ The Web's largest and most authoritative acronyms and abbreviations resource. What does WDYM stand for? List of 1 WDYM definition. Updated May Top WDYM abbreviation meaning: What Do You Mean.
Wdym stand for

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World Defining Yore-based Machine. A fictional device created by lesser-known author Francine Gaffigan (of Iowa), as a reference and alleged homage to Rube Goldberg, the man behind the concept known as the "Rube Goldberg Device.". As mentioned above, WDYM is used as an acronym in text messages to represent What Do You Mean?. This page is all about the acronym of WDYM and its meanings as What Do You Mean?. Please note that What Do You Mean? is not the only meaning of WDYM. There may be more than one definition of WDYM, so check it out on our dictionary for all meanings of WDYM one by one. Die genannten Abkürzungen stehen in der Regel zusammen mit anderen Aussagen und nicht für sich alleine. Der Absender möchte so die Meinung anderer Mitleser abfragen. Je nach Kontext einer Aussage.

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Wdym stand for

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