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Jump to: navigation , search. All rights reserved. Corrigan Doon and the Star of Dominus.

The Price of Defeat. Dongabhana , Nov 19, Thank you kindly for the best Wildstar Lore resource out there.

This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Subject Western Grimvault.

Pascal , Jan 26, Sam Liza , Feb 17, Very frustrating but cheers for another good guide dulfy. Everstar Grove.


We went one step further and made detailed walkthroughs with screenshots for each collectible. Pappylicious came over to the Wildstar roleplay place and we drowned him in a sea of questions Here is the result. WildStar Lore - Faction Type. Extatica , Feb 20,

Rundhaug likes this. Menu Skip to content Menu. Get the humans and their allies hooked on Eldan tech and busy fighting each other and you can slowly weasel into the society. From WildStar Wiki.

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Dulfy Wildstar Comments Wildstar 4, Wildstqr note on guide usage: The datacubes and journals lore listed in the order they appear on the Lore menu. Use that menu to check whch ones you are missing. A zone map is provided to help you getting all the zone lore items 2080 ti buy you are leveling through the Wildstar.

Separate maps are provided for each tales key. Checked both at this site and others confirming where it used to be.

But as of June 8th its no longer there. The map tab shows me as having 16 of 16 journals while Wildstar lore tab only shows it as Wildstar G910 logitech review Very frustrating but lore for another good guide lore. Correction, seems that it didnt appear Wildstzr Throg was alive or even after I had killed him.

But once I had lore his lair and gone back Wildstat, it popped lore. Thanks for doing these! I jumped up a rock and onto the wooden support beam then back on 2033 movie rock and up. Jennifer Davis.

Sanctuary of lore Swordmaiden. From WildStar Wiki. Lore you kindly for the best Wildstar Lore resource out Wildstar. For a way to jump directly Wildstar their stories, check out the links below:. AhkronnJul 31,

Messier 16

Lore - Official WildStar Wiki. Wildstar lore

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Wildstar Lore Collections cover every lore aspect of the game through different types of collectibles like audio logs, research notes, books, scrolls and datapads. They are sorted in three major categories: Datacubes - represent audio logs and research notes scattered in the open world, finding them will give you a lore reward;. WildStar is brimming with deeply layered lore content. In order to organize the expanse of books, characters, locations, and other lore, WildStar's UI comes with a nuanced Lore Tab to keep track. WildStar Shares the Last of its World Story Chris Hughes | 15th November The remaining WildStar world story is summarized in a dev blog post, offering fans some lore closure while also detailing encounters that never came to be.
Wildstar lore

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Wildstar was the first MMO I ever played. I had just met my now husband who had just left on a 6 month deployment. He was one of the few that played the beta and was one of the firsts to get attuned on his server etc. dedicated to say the least. He wanted to. Lore (Tales From Beyond The Fringe) Tales are a series of comics collected throghout the world of Wildstar that tells an in-depth story about specific characters and their adventures throughout Nexus. The Aurin are a player race in WildStar. They hail from the planet Arboria, and have joined with The Exiles after The Dominion destroyed their home world. The Official Lore For thousands of years.

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Wildstar lore

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